Buddy Williams

Buddy Williams

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Lead Full-stack Developer


  • Experienced full-stack developer focused on the front-end and what’s best for users. I specialize in technology innovation within startups. I spend most of my time thinking about the future and what I can do to shape it.
  • Founder of two tech companies and two consulting companies
  • Core Skills: Asking questions, first-principles thinking, systems thinking, user experience, and finding the largest levers of change.
  • Programming Languages: Javascript (fluent/expert), Java (proficient), Node.js (prior/fluent), Ruby (prior/fluent), SQL (prior/fluent), Clojure (prior/proficient), Golang (prior/novice), Python (prior/novice), PHP (prior/fluent)

Current Experience (2015-Present)

Technical Lead, Workstorm, Mar 2018 - Mar 2021

  • Created a Microsoft Outlook Add-in which allowed customers to schedule video conferences without leaving Outlook. This resulted in a more salable product for users who prefer Outlook. Increases in sales figures were not shared with me.
  • Enabled clients to chat and have video conferences on mobile by implementing two Cordova apps (iOS & Android) which resulted in increased product sales and team communication while traveling.
  • Migrated homegrown frontend framework to Vue/Vuex by implementing a go-between library so that our team could migrate frontend over time. This resulted in an unmeasured yet obvious productivity increase across all development projects.
  • Implemented feature management suite using native JavaScript, web sockets, and Java which resulted in the ability for customers to opt-in/out-out of paid features as well as the businesses ability to globally manage features across all clients.
  • Implemented an email and calendar client using Microsoft Graph and Vue so that customers did not need to leave our platform. Integrating these products into our platform helped achieve the overarching goal of cross-feature integrations. The ultimate result was a more salable platform.
  • Maintained our single-page application by mentoring devs, participating in design sessions, and coding features created by our product team. This resulted in an all-in-one collaboration platform well-suited for small to enterprise customers supporting mobile, desktop, and web.

Founder, Buddy Lee Technology, LLC, May 2015 - Mar 2018

  • Created no code app platform. This resulted in funding by a private investor and several pitches to customers over a two-years.
  • Worked with leadership to create an IT Asset Lifecycle Management platform by using Ruby on Rails and SQL. This resulted in a new product line for the hardware reseller.
  • Worked with a leadership to build an iPaaS (integration platform as a service) for the education industry using Ruby and JavaScript which contributed to the company being acquired by Microsoft.

Prior Experience (2002-2015)

Senior Developer, Outpace, Nov 2014 - Apr 2015

  • Data Segmentation - worked on all aspects of the product from business goals, design, customer feedback, architecture, database, coding, and maintenance.
  • Core Offer Engine - moving data between complex backend systems
  • Online Meetings - along with our business team I helped design, architect, and estimate this large project for Starwood Hotels.

Senior Developer, Datatrac, Apr 2014 - Nov 2014

  • Package Routing - Worked on the product design, architecture, coding, and maintenance. (Google Map centric web application used to assign packages to drivers, tracking drivers, and manage pickups and deliveries)
  • Data-driven UI - worked on the concept, design, architecture, implementation, and maintenance. (A platform tool used to create UIs with ease.)

Senior Developer, Devnext, Sept 2013 - Apr 2014

  • Donation Management - wrote enhancements to their existing donation management product.
  • Evaluated Architecture for Improved Performance - researched leading performance techniques and wrote a paper and gave a presentation to our company with recommendations.

Technical Lead, Markel, Mar 2011 - Aug 2013

  • Platform 2.0 - Designed and coded the rewrite of the insurance platform which included a communication framework, database object mapper, and a new user interface.
  • Platform 1.0 - maintenance, bug fixes, and feature enhancements.
  • Senior Web Developer

Web Developer, WebMD, Sept 2010 - Mar 2011

  • A/B Testing (Omniture)
  • Health Calculators

Software Developer, Turner Broadcasting, Apr 2007 - May 2010

  • /
  • Member Services for CNN, Nascar, NBA, PGATOUR, AdultSwim, and PGA

Web Developer, Quantum Radiology, June 2003 - Mar 2006

  • Physician’s portal
  • Manage Corporate Websites

Founder/CTO, PhyQuest, Nov 2002 - Mar 2006

  • Radiology result tracking and follow-up (patented)